Happy Hounds began when a Hound lover after working many years in the pet industry, decided to start his own Hound’s life. Convinced that Hounds owners feel that same way he does about pets, he enacted a revolutionary way to work with pets. No Cages, Personal Attention, Fitness, Love , Socialization, Rest , Outside Exposure, Caring Human Interaction, Clean, Safe & Friendly Environment.






Originally from Saint Charles, a far – west suburb of Chicago. She loves dogs and she was  very interested in behavior, so she sought a job at a doggie daycare in Geneva where she worked for almost two years. While there , she studied and became certified as a Pet Care Technician through the PCSA. She found Happy Hounds after she moved to Lincoln Park to study psycology at DePaul University and have been extremely happy here ever since.


Originally from Chicago. She loves horses and dogs. She is been working with pets since 3 years.  She worked in Garden praire Illinois, in a horse riding business.  Since she started working for Happy Hounds she feels happy and bless to be working  with the pets.



Loves pets since he was litlle. He is been working with pets since he was 6. He is extremely happy here and he loves every hound in this family. 




Originally from Bolivia and he is been working for Happy Hounds since 2010. He worked in a asociation in Bolivia where they help all type of  abuse animals  (chickens, ducks, cats, monkeys, etc.) He loves hounds and he loves to work with Happy Hounds.